Trailer Loading

AHHHHH trailer loading!!!!! Many people and many horses hate the trailer loading thing. Have you ever experienced that the horse runs all over, needs 20 people or so to push it in, takes for ever, and many other things that owners hate about trailering their horse. It doesn't need to be that way if you use Love, Language, and Leadership in equal doses. Both you and the horse will become much more confidant, willing and the bast part of all, your horse will want to be in the trailer. There really is no trick except reverse psychology. Horses know that trailers get them from place to place and that usually the hauling means work at the final destination. Like going to a show or long road trips some thing like that, but has one ever had the idea of just taking the horse for a trailer ride? Many horses are expecting to go some where and doing work, or to be in the trailer for long periods of time. This is using reverse psychology because most horses are expecting the trailer experience to be this way but if you turn it around and not go any where or go for too long, your horse will start thinking that maybe being in the trailer is not such a bad idea after all. I am not saying go out and drive around with your horse for ever or every day, but to switch things around for the horse so he is always guessing whats next instead of anticipating of whats happening next.

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