The keys to having a successfull day with your horse

There are many days where the horse is not doing what we wish for them to do and as humans we tend to make assumptions that its the horse's fault. Now if we take a moment to sit back and wonder why things are happening the way that they are, we might be able to figure out why the horse is being this way. Horses are just like humans in the fact that they have emotional days, we need to respect that and not to take such blame on the horse. If you do feel that the horse isn't doing what you want it to do, one, either do light work(something that you know that the horse can do easily) or two, rethink what you are asking of the horse, he may not enough skills to preform the maneuver. If that is the case go back to simple steps that the horse does understand and ask for more perfection before going on. Its very important to listen to what your horse is saying to you, for hes the one that's letting you ride him.

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