The levels of your Comport zone

First we've got the comport zone were all is fine and dandy, but as soon as one goes beyond that point, sensations start to occur. These are leaning sensations and should be kept long enough for your body to get used to the new feeling. Like if you were riding a horse for the first time, and was having trouble with balance, that would be a new sensation. Now if you just got off like to seconds after you got on, then your not allowing your body to change for that event. Then there's the zone that you move out and stay longer in that zone allowing the body to have time to change. One does not need to be there for an excessive amount of time but a change needs to occur in the body that says ok I'm not going to die. Then take the pressure back of to your comfort zone and try it again maybe later that day or event the next day, depending on how strong the sensations were. No need to over do it though to make sure to listen to your body, but again the only place that one learns is going outside of your normal comfort zone. If you have stayed outside of your natural zone for a while, sensations such as feeling dizzy or exited occur, this is very normal for the first time of doing some thing new, and your body is trying to tell you to stop because it knows your zones better than you do. that's why people get those fears right away of no I don't think I want to do that because I'm scared. Now that's your body telling you that so if its something that you want to do then think about these comfort zones that I just talked about. Listen to your body, but at the same time, overcome it if you wish to do something new.


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