Passenger lessons

In the fluidity article posted earlier, I talked about the passenger lesson in helping me to become in harmony with my horse. So to Just unconfused anyone, the passenger lesson is just asking the horse to be in a certain gait (walk,trot,and caner)and let him go his own way. Do not tell the horse to go anywhere or do anything but just to stay in that gait. This helps one to get in rhythm with the horse and not focusing on other things such as turning and going were you want to go. BE SURE YOUR HORSE IS VERY RESPECTFUL ON THE GROUND BEFORE DOING THIS!! If horse isn't respecting you on the ground you will have a hard time in the saddle because your horse will be going just running around for no reason. The horse should understand that he should stay in one gait and not be freaking out because he is on a loose rain. Remember this is more for you than the horse, but horses do get a great benefits from it. So as soon as you pick the gait you want to go ask for it than leave him alone and start you finding harmony with you horse. Feel his movement and go with it, not faster than he is moving nor slower, but just at the speed he is going at that gait. In the specified gait he can go as fast or slow as he wants, but don't let him change gaits. So have fun, trust your horse, he wont do any thing bad. I would not do this with more than two other horses in the arena or area of working unless they are doing the same activity. Gets real fun then!!! Try it with your eyes closed and really get relaxed, but not too relaxed that you posture goes bad.

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