Fluidity is a solution for stiffness; ribs that don't bend; shoulders that don't move; hindquarters that don't work; sore backs; hollow backs; crookedness and poor flexibility... For horses What is a good rider? In my opinion, it's one who can be in total harmony with the moving horse; one who is part of the horse's movement and not restricting it; one who sits naturally (as opposed to artificially positioned), who is supple and flexible, as opposed to rigid or stiff. One who has their own self-carriage and deportment before asking the horse to do the same, is balanced and in time with the horse's energy.

A good rider is a part of their horse and can enhance the horse's movement, not get in the way of it. Adopting a particular posture in the saddle so we look like a good rider is no substitute for the actual skill of becoming part of the horse. Somehow, equitation lessons don't quite help you get the "feel", it's more the look. Many people I've worked with have a very difficult time breaking those hard learned patterns of stiffness in order to become more natural and fluid!

The Pathway to Fluidity

Do what your horse does, and do in your body what you want your horse to do in his. Simple words, but what do they really mean, and how do we actualize this? I've spent years studying how my horse moves, trying to understand what his back does and how to stay in harmony with it. For the most part I started to feel like a part of my horse... certainly more than when I was taking formal riding/dressage lessons. The "Passenger Lessons" made the biggest difference for me;learning to go with the flow and do what my horse did... "zig" when he "zigged," "zag" when he "zagged," slow when he slowed, go when he goes! So let's talk about what the horse does and how we can become a part of this so the whole experience becomes fluid!

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