When you have a level three horse

• Refinement, flexion, finesse and collection all start to happen naturally! Here is where you really experience lightness.
• Your aids are invisible.
• You can ride confidently without anything on your horse's head!
• Your horse has mental, emotional and physical collection, not just a "head set."
• You and your horse are the picture of grace and finesse.
• You can teach your horse to run to you.
• You can use the round corral for teaching advanced maneuvers, such as flying lead changes.
• Graceful transitions and snappy departures with invisible aids are easy.
• You can perform lateral movements at the trot and canter.
• You understand riding positions that enhance collection.
• Your horse moves freely "within a frame," without brace and tension.
• You are developing Lateral Flexion into Vertical Flexion.
• You can effectively use Vertical Flexion to add power, suspension and dimension.

NOTE: Level 1 and Level 2 are important prerequisites for Level 3.

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