There are a few tools that I like to use in order to develop a better communication system with my horse. Now these are not tools that should be used to abuse the horse or say that my horse cant do it with out this tool, these tools are a safety net. One day you will not need the safety nets and you are able to work at liberty, ( the art of working with no strings attached). I like to use:

A carrot stick: not a whip, but an extension of your arm, for I can pet a horse with it, I can teach a horse to not be afraid of having his legs, ears, and other defensive spots touched. I can use it to teach a horse to yield from physical pressure (Porcupine Game) or implied pressure (Driving Game), and teach it faster than if I use only my hands. I can attach a 6-foot Savvy String and extend my reach to 10 feet'.

A rope halter: halter is thin enough to encourage the horse not to lean on it, and soft enough to feel comfortable.

A 12-foot Line: the line is longer than the horse's body allowing plenty of drift, increasing safety, and it helps you start teaching your horse to respect and communicate with you from a distance. This is very important because horses learn through the release when all movement stops. The rope is soft and smooth on the hands and long enough to let a horse drift, reducing the risk of rope burn. This is the rope used to teach the seven games.

A 22-foot Line (for use in Levels 2, 3, 4 and beyond)
This length of line is for advanced ground skills, allowing you to gain respect from greater distances. It is also a great tool for allowing more sensitive or scared horses to drift.

A 45-foot Line (for use in Levels 3, 4 and beyond)
The 45-foot Line is designed to allow you to gain even more respect from greater distances (Level 3), and is ideal for dealing with wild or not started horses (Level 4+). It allows the horse greater drift while communicating your suggestions instantly and clearly.

I have seen many people try to do the circling game with just a lead rope, and they wonder why there horse wont go. 12" allows that right in the middle space where you have control of the horse but yet he can move around. The other ropes are for communicating at longer distances and should be used only for that. Do not start out using the longer rope.

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