I have seen many people spend a great deal of time training horses to do things for them. But when an issue arises, people tend to blame the horse, even though it was their fault. they become so wound up in wanting their horses to do things right, that they start to make the horse work harder, thinking that it will solve the problem. In some cases this is necessary, but proper knowledge and leadership is needed. Remember that horses are prey animals and that they will run away from fear. Kicking, yelling, shoving, and forcing them around into harmful situations, hurt the relationship. Though your horse may end up doing what you wanted through the forcing, he ends up being frustrated and confused, Many people only use excessive amounts of force when they too get confused or frustrated, so that's why understanding about the horses nature and becoming a better leader will help you so this wont happen. Horses deserve to be treated just like humans, and not get punished for doing the wrong thing. We want horses do become smart animals and by punishing them right way and telling them what to do every single second will only make the horse worse. Horses don't understand the human language, so it's the owners responsibility to learn the language of the horse. The seven games that i have posted are what horses understand and this will have the horse wanting to be with you in a matter of days, rather than fine I guess I will be with her.

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