Some great books for horse lovers

Every horse lover should own these books;

Move closer Stay Longer by: Dr. Stephanie Burns. A true book on Stephanie's adventures on with horses. This is a great book for those who are still un confidant around horses. This is a story about fear.It is about understanding one's behavior and working with it to your best benefit. Fear is not the problem. It is responsible for your safety and ultimately your survival. The problem is an inability or lack of willingness to take action. The combination of the bravery strategy MOVE CLOSER STAY LONGER and the motivation strategies Stephanie presents in this book will enable you to interrupt the mechanisms that fear uses to interfere with the actions you want to take.

True Unity, by Tom Dorannce. This book is a several time read in order to really understand the message that is being said. Every horse lover/owner should at lest read it. All I'm going to say from the book is, "What I know about the horse, I learned from the horse." Tom Dorrance

The Revolution in Horsemanship, and what it means to man kind by: Robert Miller, Rick Lamb, and a forward by Hugh Downs. Let this book fill your mind with many new ideas thoughts and questions. The book starts way back in the day were horses were restrained for saddling and there was no effective communication. Then it takes us to a time of were things all started to come together. with influences by one person a whole new world opened a whole new revolution as we see it today.

The Soul of A Horse by: Joe Camp. A wonderful complement book to most all of these other book authors. A must read!

For those interested in animal behavior, here is a great book. Introduction To Animal Behavior by: Roland Siiter. This book primarily covers the behaviors of mammals and primates. A must for anyone who wants to get into the studies of animal behavior.

Learning Their Language by: Marta Williams. Almost everyone has had a moment when they’ve felt a strong connection to an animal. Animal communicator Marta Williams says this is the basis of animal communication and it’s a skill anyone can learn. Williams’s background as a scientist informs her logical, step-by-step approach to learning the “language” of animals — a process combining mental imagery, visualization, deep listening, and tuning in to one’s intuition. Also includes photographs, a basic primer on intuition, chapters on troubleshooting and transforming self-doubt, this guide of practical advice and proven techniques are interwoven with inspiring real-life accounts.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. A book review site for horselovers. I'd really like to hear more of what True Unity is really ABOUT!

Keep up the good work Vanessa. Another horse lover

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa- I just read your book reviews- I'm going to look at both books-thinking a good Christmas gift for my mom. Thanks Melissa C.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa! Just wanted to say that we miss you!!! I enjoyed reading your blog. Love, Jackie