Motivating the Lazy Horse

Think of things from your horse’s point of view, how does life look from his side? What’s in it for him? Is he as excited about going riding as you are? When a horse is not nervous or afraid, sometimes what emerges is a rather laid back horsenality, one that has decided that hanging out with his pasture mates and all the grass,is way more attractive, less stressful and fun than going riding. These horses are often called lazy or stubborn, but really they are just unmotivated and the normal approach of spurs and whips just makes them mad.

Rather than resort to mechanical approaches,use psychology to motivate the horse. When you know what makes your horse tick, you’ll have fantastic strategies to apply that will get him running to meet you at the gate! Find out what is important to your horse, because there’s a lot to learn about horse psychology. Its all about how to motivate the lazy horse so you can have a calm, fun ride, without all the frustration these horses are good at causing!

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