So the horse invades your space

When your horse barges into you, runs over you… there are only two emotions that can evoke: Fear, or Offense. And yet, most people meet that action with one reaction: a big, hard jerk on the halter. Frustratingly though, it doesn't work. That horse keeps on invading, keeps on running you over.

Before you can solve your problem you need to know WHY your horse is doing it. There are really only two reasons a horse will invade your space; FEAR or DOMINANCE.
It’s natural for a scared horse to crowd you because that’s how they survive in the wild… the safest place is in the middle of the herd! Dominant horses on the other hand are pushy. They move others out of their space. So is your horse tense and reactive… OR is he calm and deliberate, pushing you around?

Once you know which one it is you can have the appropriate response: jumping jacks will keep a scared horse out of your space without upsetting him; and backing your dominant horse up by wiggling the rope. Teach the horse to respect your personal space.

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