It sure would be easier if I had a hammer to nail this up!
Boy it sure would be nice if I could just go over there for a moment!
It would help if I could get this finished real quick!

These are all things that make the question seem like the other persons idea. Have you ever asked some one in a hurry to go grab that thing or to move out of the way? Well think about it, horses feel the same way. If we just say move over there and back up 20 steps, then do this, it's rude! Horses need time to proses information just like humans do when we get that kind of response from some one. So instead make our idea become the horses idea.
Lets say you want to go to the left when doing the circling game. First think what you want then suggest to the horse that going left might be good, then leave him along for a few seconds to see what he does. If hes intending on going left the don't do any thing, just leave him be. He will become much duller if you micromanage him to go to the left. Soon he will be more confidant and go that way just as you start to think it.
And if he has no intentions of going that way or goes the other way, don't let him go that way, but don't beat him up for it. Help your horse to understand that going that way is suggested and keep pointing it out to him nicely. Use your phases if needed to help him understand, but don't do too much.
This can also go with spoiling your horse by micromanaging it, doing every thing for the horse. If you tell the horse what to do every step of the way, then you don't have savvy. Smart horse or a really pushy dull horse, what do you chose?
Happy trails!

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