What a great feeling

My recent ankle injury required that I didn't ride horses for a few weeks till it got better. This drove me crazy of course. So with my horse I continued our journey on the ground(though there was nothing to really practice seeing that we have done every thing on the ground already). I set up some jumps for her and she did so great that I really didn't know what to do next. I couldn't move around too much either, so it was pretty boring for both of us. So over the days I would take her out to play ( just did circling game, of course witch she is great at) so she could just move around. Being couped up in the stall made her be more exited about playing with me during those times. She would always be asking me if we were going out to move around, and most of the time I would say no. My ankle hurt too much to do any thing. One day she was so exited, but in a playful way that she was still able to pay enough attention to me. (Most horses would go of in their own worlds and ignore the commands of the human). That I think is one of the real benefits of this program. even though your horse is hipper, he still has enough respect for you to listen. So as I was doing the circling game with her there was this one cone in the arena. I had know intention of asking her to go over it, because it takes so much leadership and trust to go over such a refined thing, and takes a while to achieve doing things like jumping over a single cone with out going to one side or the other, or jumping over a single barrel. I was kinda day dreaming when I suddenly realized that my horse was gliding over the cone like as if she had been doing it for years (or like she was ready for the challenge). I was so shocked at what had happened that I just about started to cry. All the people in the arena at that time looked at me in amazement. I ended on that note for the day. With that I knew that I have been doing all the right things with her, and that I have horse savvy. YEA!!!

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