How interesting

So I had an animal communicator speak to my horse a few days ago, but before going into that let me explain why I had this done.
First, my horse has had a swollen hock for quite some time now and the vet just said that she was allergic to something, so I went home and looked up her symptoms. It turns out that my horse is allergic to the dusty environment. But the swelling hasn't been getting any better, even with the medication that my vet had given me a few weeks later. The swelling seems to be moving up her leg as well. Second Grace has been making her squealing noises lately at me, especially when were in her stall. She has never liked confined areas so I thought that it might be due to that. And lastly I felt like she was getting bored with the things that we have been doing. I didn't know if she was having fun with me or what. So this is when I started looking into an animal communicator.
I had her ask Grace how she felt about her environment and if she was enjoying being with me. So the response that I get was; she doesn't like it here and wants to be on more acreage with grass. I was afraid that she was going to say that, but I new it was going to happen, seeing that when I had her in a stall during the winter time back home, she would make those kinds on noises and threatened to kick me. The communicator tolled me that Grace really loves being with me and that Grace wishes that I could spend way more time with her and as I did last summer at home. Grace also stated that she wanted to do more with me which made me feel so relived. And as for that swelling Grace said that it was infected, so I am going to get a different vet that will look further into her leg problem. It doesn't seem to effect grace too much when I ride, some times though she does limp. Since Grace whishes to be on more acreage I am trying to take her out as much as possible and let her move around freely or riding her with out failing my classes.
I thought how interesting that I was able to kinda intemperate her behavior and have the communicator say the same thing, just more in depth about those issues.

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