A few things to remember about horses

Heres a few things to keep in mind when your playing with your horse.

1. Consistancy/Persistance
2. waiting/Patience-both sides
3. Be firm, yet fair-not cruel > Protection > Reconize the horses feelings
4. Be a partner-not a dictator > respect
5. Recognitions of small tries > Reward the thought
6. Confidance and Knowladge
7. Management > Health and nutrition
8. Speak in horseez > communication that is understood by the horse
9. Recognize that horses learn best slowly
10. Recogninze the horses need for self preservation > Mind, body, and spirt
11. Keep it fun and exiting for the horse > don't do same thing every day
12. Push the limits > but don't over do it so both of you become too frusterated beyond your knowladge
13. Love, Language, and leadership > The seven games
14. You can't get hurt
15. The horse can't get hurt > unless your not preparing him for success
16. Horse must be calmer at the end of your playing session than in the beginning
17. One of my favorite quotes by Ray Hunt is " You're not working on your horse, you're working on yourself."
18. Don't look for hardness in your horse, istead look for softness
19. Don't make your horse do anything, let him find it

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