Horses Naturally

Horses are great animals,and all they want is to be treated just like how their friends treat them. So by understanding the horses mind and how they interact with each other in nature, we can use that to get a greater bond between horse and rider. So if one can truly really build a great relationship and communication system between the horse and rider, you can accomplish so much more than one could ever imagine. We should be able to take the time to communicate with them in a language that is understood by the horse, not forcing them just to learn our language. Have you ever taken the time to sit and watch horses play out in the field? How does the lead horse get other horses to pay attention, move, get over objects, and many other things? I have been observing the way horses interact with each other and been using those exact games to better communicate with my horse. I will post a topic about Love, Language, Leadership post later, that covers everything that on needs to get started on for great success with your horse.

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